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Voice Quality Issues

The issue can be on both sides, your’s and/or the interlocutor side.
If you have the issue on several calls from/to different interlocutors, it’s probably on your side.

What you need to know

It doesn’t matter if the call is inbound or outbound.
For your Internet connection:

  • What you hear is downloaded via bandwidth.
  • What you say is uploaded via bandwidth.

How to troubleshoot your side

The best practice is doing PING tests, especially while having Voice Quality issues. Make sure you are doing the tests from the same network of your VoIP-Device/Client.
You will find the amount of Packet Loss and Response Time from your network to our network.

Packet Loss should be 0% and Response Time should be lower than 30ms.

Also perform a Trace Route to find out the amount of route you run across to reach our network.

How to perform a Ping / Trace Route