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Required Firewall Rules

IP Adressen & Ports

If your VoIP device cannot be registered or you can only hear the voice in one direction after configuration, your firewall could block the voice packets. Turn off the firewall temporarily and check the language again. If it works, you have to open the incoming firewall ports as described below.

For security reasons, the ports are only released for the specified IP range.

«UDP/TCP 5060» «UDP/TCP 6000» «TCP 5061» (Signalling)
«UDP 8000-60000» (Voice)

Datacenter CHE

Datacenter DEU
« –»

Deactivate «SIP ALG»

SIP ALG / NAT Keep Alive / STUN

If you encounter problems after the configuration, such as irregular incoming calls, regular interruptions within a call, etc., please check the parameters of your VoIP device, router or firewall. In general, you need to:

  • Firewall and / or router: Deactivate SIP ALG
  • Device: Activate NAT Keep Alive
  • Gigaset IP: Activate STUN server with

Firewall configuration examples

Push-Notification for the peoplefone APP

«» (Push-Server)
«UDP/TCP 4998» (Push)

Provisioning for peoplefone HOSTED devices

«TCP 80» and «TCP 443»

peoplefone SOFTPHONE

«TCP 80» and «TCP 443»


«TCP 443»

Server URL

Cisco (old)

Firewall Rules for peoplefone MEET

peoplefone MEET

sRTP TCP/32768-65535 and UDP/32768-65535