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Connection Issues

Main Causes

Does your VoIP-Device/Client have access to the Internet?

Initiate a «Ping» to the Registrar Domain.

Initiate a «Trace Route» to the Registrar Domain.

How to perform a Ping / Trace Route

Do you have a firewall, that may not allow or that blocks our services?

Configure the Needed Firewall Rules

Is the configured SIP Data in your VoIP-Device/Softphone correct?

Check the Registrar Domain (spelling, correct country/service).

Check the SIP Login Data (spelling, white spaces, …).

Does your VoIP-Device/Softphone try to register too often?

Adapt the Re-Register-Time to be between 180-300 seconds.

Does another service use/block the port 5060 (Signaling)?

Change the SIP Port to 6000.