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Subscriptions & Buy / Order


To get an overview of your subscriptions, click on subscriptions in the customer account. Prepaid customers manage their subscriptions themselves and renew them automatically or manually if necessary.

Activate / Extend

If you have received a reminder from peoplefone to extend a subscription, log in to your customer account. Links in the menu under Subscriptions, so that you get an overview of all your subscriptions. For a subscription that is about to expire, click Renew/Change at the back. The system will then guide you through it like in a web shop. Follow the system instructions.

In this example, we would like to extend the IVR’s subscription for another month.

We click Extend.

We select the number of months and click Add to Cart.

We get an overview of our shopping cart and click on confirm order.

We choose how we want to renew the subscription. In this example, we use current credit, since we are a prepaid customer and have credit available on the account. Click on finish.

When the payment is completed, we will receive a feedback from the system. We click on Home to return to the overview.

Buy / Order

A standard account (SIP TRUNK) is always created for a new customer account. But if you want to use the peoplefone HOSTED (vPBX), then you can easily select and buy the peoplefone HOSTED under Buy/Order. You also have the opportunity to test the virtual system free of charge for 30 days.

Buy peoplefone HOSTED

Follow the instructions in the ordering process.

Choose the number of users and the term in months, then click add to cart. If you check the box, the system will be fully activated for you to test for 30 days free of charge.

Click confirm order.

You can select the billing address here if you have saved other data. If everything matches, click on Verify address.

Choose how you want to pay and follow the system instructions. If you have additional purchases, you can save the credit card information (save this payment information for future payments), then click Pay.

Automatic payments

You can also instruct the system to automatically renew a subscription when it expires. However, you must instruct the system accordingly; by default, the subscriptions must be renewed manually.

You can find out how to configure it yourself here: Automatic payment