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SIP Data (Manual Installation)

You can register up to 5 devices per SIP line. Our recommendation for proper operation is to register only one device per SIP line.

The SIP Data to install your device/PBX (SIP Username and SIP Password) is NOT the Login Data to your Peoplefone account (Login E-Mail and personal Password).

Where can I find my SIP data in the customer account?

You can find and change your SIP data in the peoplefone Portal

To view or change the password, go toConfiguration” → “SIP Lines / Users” and then click on “SIP Setup” on the given line.
To view your password, click on the eye symbol and to change it or click on the refresh symbol to generate a new SIP password.

Copy SIP Data

From this “SIP Setup” page you can copy all the necessary SIP Data to setup a VoIP phone.

This is the server address that the phone needs to connect to. If the phone has issues with resolving the name on DNS then use the IP address instead.

SIP Username
This is the username to register the phone to the line. You may be asked twice for it, as most phones have a “Register Name” and a “(Authorization) Username” field for the name. See below screenshot for an example.
Many of these phones will automatically use a single value for both fields, if only one field has been filled with the username, but not always

SIP Passwords
This is the password to register the phone to the line. We recommend that you copy the password if possible to prevent typos.

Example of configuration of a Yealink device

Fields like with names like “Label” and “Display Name” may be set as to your preferences. These fields will configure what name you will see when you select this line on the phone for example, but usually do not have any impact on telephony outside of that.
But if you’re having issues registering, we recommend you do also fill these kind of fields with the SIP username to be safe.

Manual configuration of end devices

Using these examples, you can start up the device yourself with the SIP data via the web interface of the respective telephone.

Manual SIP configuration

Registrar Domains

Depending on which country portal you have registered your account on, you must use the corresponding registrar.
Also check service you signed up for (SIP-TRUNK or HOSTED).

 peoplefone TRUNKpeoplefone HOSTEDDatacenter