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Portal 2021

Portal Overview

Here is a small preview of the new customer portal.

Resett Password

You need a new password for the new customer portal. Click on Forgot you Password and enter you E-Mail-Address.

We will send you an email with a link to reset the password.

Customer registration

You can see here how to create a new customer privat or business account.


Buy / Order Services

If you have created a new account with peoplefone, you always have a standard account (SIP TRUNK). If you want to switch to a peoplefone HOSTED system, then you can buy the service via Buy/Order Service. Follow the instructions. Buying a service is like buying in an online shop with a shopping cart.

Select the number of users and the duration in months, then click Add to Cart.

Here you can either buy additional services or edit them. When you’re done, click Checkout.

You can still select the billing address here if you have saved some more. If everything fits, please confirm the address.

Select here how you would like to pay and follow the instructions of the system. If further purchases are made, you can save the credit card information (Save this Payment data for future payments) and click Pay.


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The area of payments was divided into four categories

All orders are logged here, in this example the status is still pending. This order has not yet been paid. If you click on pending, the order can be paid again in the shop.



All invoices are saved here and can be called up. If you have purchased a number, this shop purchase will be visible in an invoice here.

Payment History

You can find completed payments in the payment history.

Automatic Payments

Credit Cards

In order to automate the prepaid account, you can save a credit card and use it to buy credit or extend your subscription.

Automatic Topup

If you have deposited a credit card, you can automatically top up the credit. Enter a threshold value. If this is not reached, a credit purchase is automatically made with the selected card.

Automatic Prolongation

If a subscription expires, you have two options to extend it.

  • If there is enough credit in the account to renew a subscription, you can use it to renew it
  • If you have a credit card on file, you can use your credit card to extend your subscription

Access Rights

If you have employees who have certain roles, you can save them.

Add User

Click on Add User, enter the email address and set the role.