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General Information about Phone Numbers

New phone numbers

What phone number do I have, when I use peoplefone?

  • For outgoing calls, you do not need any phone number.
    You can display your current landline number for free.
  • For incoming calls between peoplefone members, you can call each other with the internet number = SIP username.
  • For incoming calls you can use your current landline number, a new peoplefone telephone number or you can port your current number to peoplefone.

How can I call for free with Peoplefone-Members?

Calls between People-Members are for free when calling via your peoplefone line to a peoplefone telephone number, a ported peoplefone number or an internet number = SIP username of any Peoplefone-Member.

Please note: if you call the swiss mobile phone number of your peoplefone member, you will be charged the rate of CH-mobile.

Can I order new national phone numbers?

Yes, you can choose the prefix and the number from an available list on your peoplefone account under Buy / Order → Numbers.
The number becomes active as soon as we receive the payment.

Can I order new international numbers?

Yes, you can order phone numbers form different countries all over the world. Please note that these have different requirement depending on the local law.

Depending on the country, we offer national and/or geographic numbers. For geographic numbers, not all codes are always available. Some countries require proof of address (official document, invoices,…). You can find more information on the following link: International phone numbers

Existing phone numbers

Can I transfer my fixnet number to peoplefone?

Yes, you can port your actual phone number to peoplefone.
You can find more information on this subject on our website under Phone Numbers→ Porting.

Is my peoplefone number registered in any directories?

No, we respect the data privacy rules and do not pass any information on.

For information on the Swisscom Directories ( /, please click on the link.