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Zoiper App


General Information

Our VoIP Softphone looks everywhere for your contacts and displays them in a combined list for easy access. Outlook, Windows / Mac, LDAP, XMPP, XCAP, Android, iOS. You name it, we have it, and we will also pick up incoming calls, so you know who’s calling before you answer. Zoiper Softphones run on a variety of different platforms. Whether it’s Mac, Linux/Windows, iPhone, Android or a browser. We have a solution for everyone.

Connection to peoplefone

App Store

  • In the Apple or Google Store, look for the Zoiper app and download it

Starting up of Zoiper App

  • After the Zoiper App setup, start the application

Peoplefone account configuration

Username and password

Enter SIP username and password.

  • [email protected]/VoIP provider : your SIP username @ your Registrar/Proxy
  • Password : your SIP password

Hostname or provider

The field would already be filled, if it does not request for you to enter your registrar / proxy address.

Check Box

  • The check box must be unselected

Transport Protocol

  • Choose SIP UDP

Battery optimizations

  • You must allow the app to stay connected in the background if you want to receive incoming calls