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General Information

By combining voice and video calls in a user-friendly interface, CounterPath’s X-Lite supports seamless transition from a traditional phone environment to the world of Voice over IP 

Installation X-Lite


Start→ X-Lite → End-User Licence Agreement

  • Start the downloaded X-Lite
  • Accept the terms after reading them and click on Accept

X-Lite Start

X-Lite → Softphone → Account Settngs

  • Once X-Lite is started, click on Softphone and then edit the Account Settings

SIP Account

X-Lite → Softphone → SIP Account → Account

  • Please enter your SIP information, which you can find in your account, and confirm with OK
    • Account name: is freely selectable
    • User ID: the SIP Username must be used
    • Domain: (for standard account, SIP trunk) / (for peoplefone HOSTED)
    • Display Name: is freely selectable
    • Authorization Name: must be the SIP Username


X-Lite → Softphone → SIP Account → Presence

  • Check the values


X-Lite → Softphone → SIP Account → Transport

  • For peoplefone HOSTED choose TCP
  • Select the default account or the SIP trunk UDP


X-Lite → Softphone → SIP Account → Advanced

  • Please check the details, for the Reregister Time, please choose a value between 180-300 seconds, the minimum time is 20 seconds
  • “Send SIP Keep-Alives” should be active