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Peoplefone SIP TRUNK

PBX Telephone System

Please write to [email protected] if you are using an Aastra Intelligate, Aastra Opencom, Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, 3CX, etc, so that your peoplefone account/SIP line can be added to a SIP Trunk.

Should you want to add your PBX to several phone numbers and have 1 SIP line on SIP Trunk, you can manage the display directly on your PBX and ask us to activate CLIP OPEN.

You will find an overview of the PBXs for which peoplefone SIP-TRUNK has been certified in this link.

Specific Parameters

Caller ID (Identification of the caller) peoplefone allows two different formats for a phone number; with +41 and the regional prefix (without zero) or the normal phone number (without the country prefix). Example:+41445522000 or 0445522000.

You will find the different manuals for PBX telephone exchanges via this link.


With a peoplefone number, you can activate our voicemail for free directly from your peoplefone account under Functions → Voicemail. You will receive the messages by e-mail in .wav format.

Customized Message

You can use a VoIP device with built-in voicemail. For this, go to the device settings to record the voice message and activate it. Nothing needs to be done in the peoplefone account.

With a VoIP device without integrated voicemail you will have to activate the function directly in your peoplefone account under Functions → Voicemail , add the rule No answer. Then you can dial * 1 on your VoIP device, you need to follow the instructions below to record your message.

  • 0: voicemail option
  • 4: temporary message (it will replace the standard message)
  • 1 * speak * #: to record the message
  • 1: to validate your message


If the number assigned to this line does not match the displayed number, follow these next points:

  • Remove the assigned number from the line
  • Save the message with the key * 1
  • Add the number assigned again on the line