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Add user

Under SIP Lines/User → Add you can create new users. (+ Add User)

Delete user

You can delete a SIP line or a user itself. Click on the trash and select which line should be replaced. For security reasons, the SIP username must be entered for verification.

SIP line name and internal speed dial of the extension

The name of the SIP line or the user can be changed here. The internal speed dial number is automatically assigned by the system. This can be taken over, or depending upon concept, likewise adapted.

Edit the SIP line / users

When you click the pencil, you have various information that can be stored on the SIP line/user, such as Displayed Numbers, Email Address, Missed Call Notification, Routing Server, SRTP and so on.

Call Forwarding / Voicemail

Customer account – Forwarding/Voicemail

Forwarding to a destination or activating a voicemail box is set on the user level. By adding a role (+Add) you can select a status yourself (Busy, Offline, No answer after X seconds, DND Do not disturb) and define a routing to a destination.

Green or red icon means active or not active. You can also activate or deactivate the role by clicking on the icon (ACTIVE / DEACTIVATED). You can edit the role by clicking on the pen tool, delete it with the recycle bin.

Edit voicemail

When you click on the pen tool, you have several configuration options.

  • PIN Code
    • The PIN code is currently not active and is not used
  • Allow other users of the same account to access this voicemail box
    • Allows all subscribers in the telefollowing network to access the answering machine
  • Language
    • It is possible to choose between the system languages EN, FR, DE, IT
  • Send me an email
    • An email will be sent to you when someone has left a message
  • Save the voice message
    • If the flag is not active, then the messages are sent directly in the attachment (audio file) with your email if Send me an email is active too
    • If the flag is active, then the messages (audio files) are not sent in the e-mail, but stored in the customer account. These can then be listened to online. A maximum of 20 messages can be saved
  • Own message
    • You can load your own message as .wav or .mp3 file. The limit is 8MB

If Send me an email and Save the voice message are both not active then the caller cannot leave a message.

Note: The voicemail box can be managed on a provisioned device and also the peoplefone APP via the key combination *1. For this, the messages must be saved in the system at peoplefone Delivery mode: Send an Email and save the voicemail.

User login

In order to be able to log in as a user on the SIP line, you must enter your e-mail address.

The registration is then done via the Then select your account under peoplefone HOSTED-Users.

For example, you can store your forwarding roles as a user and activate/deactivate them. You can manage your personal phone book and retrieve the call overview.

Personal phone book

Each user can store his personal contacts, which are important and visible only for him. Click on Phone book and fill in the fields.