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HOSTED Configuration → Users

You can use the 4 symbols to set further functions, which are described in the following subsections.


In the first step, you create a user for each employee with a telephone. The internal speed dial number is automatically assigned by the system or you can define it yourself. You can change the information of the users at any time.

Call Forwarding / Voicemail

If you want to define redirects / the voicemail with different times, go to Time Routing.

If you want to change a rule, you have to delete it and then add it again.
You can pause a rule at any time by clicking the , click the when you want to reactivate it.

With Voicemail Box you define your PIN code, the language, the desired option (whether by e-mail and/or whether to be stored in the voicemail) and you load your own personal announcement (wav. file). If you do not yet have your own announcement, first activate the voicemail and call yourself to record your own announcement.

Confirmation email for incoming voicemail messages

Log in as user and set the delivery mode under VoicemailBox.

Personal Phonebook

Each user can insert frequently used telephone numbers in their own phonebook.


Here are some recommended devices for auto-provisioning, i. E. automatically adopt the configuration via the system. All you need to do is connect the device to the Internet and enter the MAC address / serial number.

Check the page Devices for more information.