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Time Routing


Time routing is divided into three different areas. Time ranges, time routings and time exceptions. This configuration is also referred to as a day post-switching.

Time range

Time routing → Define time

Here you store the time range of the opening times of your company. The system automatically recognizes whether we are within or outside of working hours. The red area is within working hours (opening hours), the gray area is outside of working hours.

Time routing

Information on the schedule

Give the schedule a name and description. Depending on the situation, the extension can be left as it is or adjusted according to planning.

Within the schedule

Here you can define your destination, where the calls should be routed within the schedule.

Out of schedule

Where should the call be routed to if we are out of schedule.

Set time exceptions

Here you can define exceptions.

Additional options

Place the object in the call flow

In order for the time routing to work and take effect, the object, the query, must be placed in the call flow. It is not absolutely necessary to save it when assigning numbers. The query can also be placed in a different location. In this example, the query is placed immediately after the number.