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peoplefone SOFTPHONE


  • peoplefone hosted account (Registration)      
  • a valid login (email) attached with a hosted user
  • chrome (tested with version 86.0.4240.193 )


If you have a valid peoplefone hosted account and your login (email) is already attached to a user, you can login into the softphone via this link:

Chrome extension

the peoplefone chrome extension provide the click & call and the notification feature. He is available via this link:

To have the best experience with our softphone, we recomand you to install this extension !

Audio configuration

In the menu Audio Setting:

you can configure your prefered device. We recommand to use, if possible, the headset & the microphone of the same device.

If you have a compatible headset and the correct software/extension installed (see << link to headset chapter >> ), you can configure the softphone to automaticaly use the headset when he is available.

To enable this option, check that you device is fully detected:

and enable the option “Automatically use headset”, this option is only available if a compatible headset is detected.

Call state

You have the possibility to see the call state (available, busy, ringing) of other users within the same hosted PBX.

to add a user, go into the configuration part:

and select the diffrent users of your hosted.


via this keypad, you can dial any number and you can also directly search for a contact in your phone book by providing a contact name.

if a contact has multiple number, after clicking on the dial you will be able to select the correct one.


The personal/company phonebook are synced with the customer interface so you can manage your contact list directly from the customer interface. For the company list, you must check with your hosted administrator.

You will found more info how to manage them on the following article: Company Phonebook


You can see all calls placed/received/missed from the softphone

Active call / Call management

All active calls are displayed in this area.
A call can be in diffrent state, the line on the right indicate the state of the call:

  • A green line indicate a connected calls.
  • A orange line indicate a call on hold.
  • A blue line indicat an incoming call

Available function


this option open a keypad used to type digit for IVR

Mute / UnMute

mute or un-mute the call, if a call is muted, your mic is disabled but you can still hear the other party.

Hold / un hold a call

used to place a call on hold and re-connect them
if you have a connected call and you start a new call or answer an incoming call, the connected call will be automaticaly placed on hold.

Call Transfer

if you have only one connected call and you press the transfer button, then you can initiate a immediate call transfer. If you have also a call on hold then you can also do an attended transfer.
for more info, see <call transfer>

Call transfer

the softphone provide the direct call transfer (without annoucement) and the attended call transfer, both feture are trigged via the call transfer button of a active call or call on hold.

Direct transfer, (without annoucement)

on an active call or an call on hold, press the transfer button .
You will see that call button of internal users, keypad, phonebook will change in a blue call transfer button. To do the transfer without annoucement, you just need to click the transfer botton of the select destination.

Attended transfer

to transfer a call with annoucement, you must:

  1. place the connected call on hold and start a second call (you can also directly start a second call, the system will automaticaly place the connected call on hold).
  2. when the new call is connected, press the transfer button.
  3. select the other call to connect by pressing his transfer button .


If you have in place a firewall that is bloking outgoing traffic, you will need to open port for the signaling and the voice, you will found more info in the following document: Network and Bandwidth


We support the integration with many Jabra headset via the integration module provided by Jabra.

With this integration, it’s possible to use many features provided by the headset like: answer/terminate call from the headset, mute the call, … moreover, if the softphone detect the headset he can automatically configure them as main audio source.

Jabra devices supported

According to the Jabra browser integration website, this library support all professional Jabra headsets and Jabra speakerphones like the Jabra Evolve series, the Jabra Pro series, the Jabra Biz series, the Jabra Speak series, and the Jabra Engage series.

peoplefone has not tested all device and if you need to select a new headet we recommend to check with Jabra if this specific device is fully supported.


  • Windows 32 bits or 64 bits with Windows 7 or newer
  • Mac OSX with El Capitain or newer
  • Google Chrome web browser – stable channel – 32 bit or 64 bit


  1. Install the Jabra webExtension (available in the chrome web store)
  2. Install the Jabra chrome host

If you need to test a Jabra device, you can use the Jabra Browser Integration website.

if you have sucessfully installed your device, the softphone must be able to detect them, you can check the status in the Audio Settings

Know issue

if the SRTP option is enable some feature are not working correctly, actually the work arround is to disbale the SRTP feature.