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Manual Routing

General Information

HOSTED Configuration → Manual Routing

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a simple manual routing and how to configure it. Via the customer portal of peoplefone HOSTED you can now preconfigure different forwarding options under Manual Routings.
These predefined redirections can be flexibly controlled, respectively, these can then be switched on and off via a telephone device. For example, the manual routing can be used very well in a doctor’s office with a reception. Of course, there will be other uses for it. Depending on this, a receptionist must be able to easily and flexibly activate call forwarding.

Manual routing can only be used in peoplefone HOSTED and with provisioned terminals. It’s important to know that only with provisioned Yealink devices, a Switch On Rule, selection menu can be used.
For example, with SNOM devices, forwarding can only be enabled or disabled On / Off.

Call Flow Example

In our example, we have a doctor’s practice with a «Group 28, Reception», in which there are several devices. The Manual Routing has been configured so that if the forwarding is not active, the status «Off» , the calls are placed in the group. If forwarding is activated, the congestion is «On» , then the call is forwarded to the «User 20, Hans».

Basic Configuration Manual Routing

Add Manual Routing

HOSTED Configuration → Manual Routing → Add Manual Routing
Click on Add Manual Routing 

Define Forwards

HOSTED Configuration → Manual Routing → Configuration Manual Routing

  • Give the Manual Routing a Name
  • Define the two roles one for On and one for Off»
  • Click on «Add» to add the Routing

Assign Number, Manual Routing

HOSTED Configuration → Assign Telephone Numbers

For manual routing to work, the phone number must be assigned to the corresponding manual routing

Function Key – Manual Routing

HOSTED Configuration → Devices → Function Keys

The manual routing can be stored assigned to a key, this forwarding is activated or deactivated

Advanced Configuration Manual Routing

Function Key – Manual Routing Advanced

HOSTED Configuration → Devices → Function Keys

  • With Manual Routing Advanced, the desired forwarding function can be selected in a menu

Manual Enabling/Disabling on the phone (On/Off)

In our example a command is needed, which results from the Prefix and the ID of the Manual Routing, this can be entered manually or be deposited with a key.

  • *7 = is the prefix for
  • Routing-ID = in our Example the 23
  • Example= *723