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HOSTED Configuration → IVR / Announcement

ATTENTION: IVR nodes should never be used in groups, as this leads to problems

This guide will allow you to configure an interactive voice server (IVR) in your HOSTED account. When you call the main number of a company, very often an announcement prompts you to choose the language. Once the choice is made, a second announcement lists the different departments in the chosen language. This system is effective in redirecting customers to the right department or collaborators without using a secretary.

Buy IVR nodes

Go to HOSTED Configuration → IVR / Announcement to select the amount of nodes you need as well as the duration of the subscription.

IVR configuration

After purchasing the node(s), return to HOSTED Configuration → IVR / Announcement. Click on Add IVR.

Add an audio message to the IVR. Define the keys of the telephone and route the call to the desired destination (user, group, etc.).

Assign phone number(s)

Now, all you have to do is assign the phone number(s) to the IVR.