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HOSTED Configuration → Devices


Click on “Add devices”, select the model of the phone you want to provision, enter the MAC address of the device (except Cisco SPA-122, insert Serial Number) and select the line(s) you want to assign.

Then connect the device to the internet and it should automatically look for the configuration. After 2-3 minutes the device will be listed in the field below.

Functions keys

You can configure the devices through the peoplefone interface, this way you do not need have to do anything in the phone interface.

Busy Line Fieldabbreviated as BLF, this function acts as a line busy indicator. This function includes call-pickup, which allows calls to be answered from another line.
LineSet the function keys as Line to see multiple calls and intercept them. At “Yealink”, the first 3 function keys are automatically set as Line but can be changed.
Speed DialUsed to dial a preset number, this feature is recommended for external numbers. To dial internal numbers use the BLF function.
Transfer toThis function is rarely used because the BLF function makes it possible to perform call transfers.

Advanced Options

In “Advanced Option” you can set options such as phone language, menu buttons and many other settings.

Do not forget to restart the device after each configuration change, otherwise the changes will not immediately be taken into account.

Password after provisioning

When the provisioning of a phone has been made, the default password is changed for security reasons. The username is the same as the one defined by the manufacturer (example: admin).

The new phone password is the same as the SIP Password of your SIP line.

List of supported devices

DevicesFirmwareProvisioning URLEnd of SalesEnd of LifeEnd of peoplefone Support
Cisco SPA1221.4.1_002$PSN_$MA_$SN.cfg
Gigaset Maxwell Basic 3.14.8
Gigaset Maxwell 23.14.8
Gigaset Maxwell 3 3.14.8
Mitel 6757i3.3.1 4305 SP4
Mitel 6863i4.3.0 1052 SP1
Mitel 6865i4.3.0 1052 SP1
Mitel 6867i4.3.0 1052 SP1
Mitel 6869i4.3.0 1052 SP1
Panasonic KX-HDV23002.200
Panasonic KX-HDV33003.105
Panasonic KX-TGP60001.098
Snom 715/D71510.1.49.11
Snom D31510.1.49.11
Snom D73510.1.49.11
Snom D34510.1.49.11
Snom D37510.1.49.11
Snom D38510.1.49.11
Snom D71210.1.49.11
Snom D72510.1.49.11
Snom D74510.1.49.11 2018Aug 2020
Snom D76510.1.49.11
Snom D78510.1.49.11
Snom M700410{mac}
Snom M900450{mac}
Yealink T42G29.83.0.120
Yealink T42S66.84.0.90
Yealink T46G29.83.0.120
Yealink T46S66.84.0.90
Yealink T48G35.83.0.120
Yealink T48S66.84.0.90
Yealink W52PH: B:
Yealink EXP 40
Yealink T5395.84.0.95
Yealink T53W95.84.0.95
Yealink T54W95.84.0.95
Yealink T57W95.84.0.95
Yealink W56PH: B:
Yealink W60PH: B:
Yealink CP69073.84.0.15