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As a rule, all VoIP-capable devices can be configured with peoplefone, but support and functionality are only guaranteed with provisioned devices.

Provisioning is only provided for our peoplefone HOSTED customers. Our recommendation for correct operation is that only one device is registered per SIP line.

Provisionierung / Autokonfiguration

add device

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To add a new device to a peoplefone HOSTED account, click Devices – Phones – Add , fill in the requested information and save the configuration.

The SIP line / user is stored for the lines. You can also store multiple identities for company-A, company-B, etc.

After the device has been created in the peoplefone HOSTED account and the IP address has been added, we recommend resetting the device to the factory settings ( factory reset ).

When the device has been added, you can click on the three dots.

To edit

The device created in the system can be edited

Additional options

You have many additional options for configuring your device according to your requirements


With some manufacturers, certain settings are made on the line. With the Yealink devices, call waiting is switched on or off on the line.

Function keys

With desk telephones you have the option of configuring the busy lamp of the internal subscribers. Under Devices – Three Dots – Function Keys, you can configure the key assignment on the keys

BLF(BusyLineField)Use the BLF (BusyLineField) button to see whether an internal subscriber is free or busy. You can transfer a call to this user, call the subscriber using this key or take a call from this user (call pickup).
lineLine is mainly used for brokering multiple calls.
Speed DialSpeed ​​Dial is used for a call e.g. to a mobile (external).
Transfer toThis function is rarely used because the function is covered by the BLF key.
Forward to (Yealink only)This function deactivates / activates an immediate forwarding to the destination number

Device groups

Add to

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hosted-addphones.png

Device groups can be added, click on + Add . Give the group a name, select the manufacturer and type and save.

Auto Upgrade is still inactive and will not be available to customers until 2022. You then have the option to set this flag when peoplefone provides new firmware, the phone is automatically upgraded to the latest version.

To edit

After creating and saving the group, you have various options for editing when you click on the three dots .

Additional options

You can select optional settings for the respective created group


The settings defined above are then applied to all members who are selected.

Install the latest firmware

If peoplefone provides a newer firmware version, the device will be updated automatically


The group can be deleted



For provisioning / auto-configuration, the WAN IP (public IP) of the customer network must be stored for authentication. No static IP address is required for authentication.

In the device overview, click on the three dots for the respective device and select Authorized IPs. The public address of the respective network is displayed. If you are in the customer network, click on Add. If not, insert the public address of the customer’s network.

Autoprovisionierung Stories

The auto-provisioning history shows whether the device was able to obtain the auto-configuration or not.

If no entry is visible after provisioning, the provisioning URL (server URL) must be stored directly via the phone’s WebGUI. The URL to be stored can be found in the list of supported devices .

For security reasons, the password is overwritten by peoplefone when a device is provisioned. Username remains the same according to the manufacturer. The password is always the SIP password of the first identity stored in the provisioning. There are exceptions with Mitel devices, the password is generated by peoplefone and displayed in the entry under Devices.


Activate TLS

By activating the TLS protocol you can encrypt the SIP stream. In the case of autoconfigured devices, the protocol must be adapted in the provisioning.

Devices – three dots – lines

Click the line

Change the transport protocol to TLS and save.

Activate SRTP

SIP SRTP can be activated yourself on manually configured devices. In addition, peoplefone has to adapt the configuration on the SIP line. Write an email to [email protected] with the SIP username and the note for the activation of SIP SRTP .

SIP SRTP for peoplefone HOSTED partners / customers must be activated by peoplefone. Please proceed as mentioned above here as well.

ATTENTION: A restart or factory reset must be carried out so that the settings can be applied to the device.


LDAP Server: ldaps://
LDAP Username: cn=idUSERID_uSIPACCOUNT,ou=users,dc=peoplefone,dc=com
LDAP Root: ou=accountUSERID,ou=account,o=ch,dc=peoplefone,dc=com



Supported devices

A list of all supported devices can be found here: Download PDF