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Company Phonebook

General information

There are basically two different phone books that can be used. Customers who use the peoplefone HOSTED have an LDAP company directory available.

Customers who use the O365 for their contact management can use it to synchronize their contacts and access the telephones XML based on this.


If you want to add a few or individual contacts in the peoplefone HOSTED

+ Add

If you want to delete all contacts

  • Delete all contacts

If you want to import contacts from an Excel

  • Import contacts

Would you like to synchronize O365 contacts

  • + Add integration

Active / inactive status of the company directory

  • LDAP directory

peoplefone HOSTED

The LDAP company telephone book is made available to our peoplefone customers with provisioned telephone devices.

In order to use your telephone book, you must ensure that it is activated under Configuration – Company Telephone Book – LDAP . After activation, the device must be restarted.

A maximum of 2000 contacts can be imported into the peoplefone HOSTED company phone book.

Contacts individually +Add

Enter all the information you want

Delete all company phonebook contacts

If you choose this option, all entries in the peoplefone company telephone book will be deleted.

Import contacts from Excel

You have the option of importing your contacts via an Excel file .xlsx. Please manage your Excel according to the sheet in our example.

LDAP company directory active / inactive

Here you can see the status, green means active, red means inactive.

Microsoft 356

General information

You can import a maximum of 2000 Konatke. The synchronization is carried out every 10 minutes.

O365 integration

Under Add Configuration → corporate directory → Integration on + Add and select Microsoft O365 from. The integration can only be done by an administrator from the O365 tenant, you need their login data.

You now have to accept the following request in order to synchronize the Outlook contacts.

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is hosted-phone-company-permissions.png

It will take a few minutes for the synchronization status to be updated. The Active Integration indicator must be green and a date must be specified. Your company directory is now synchronized.

Connect line

Click + Add

Select the SIP line and the email account to be synchronized