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Call forwarding / Voicemail


If you as a user want to forward the call, you can define roles with different conditions.

To create a role, click +Add

You can create redirects in your customer account under the following conditions:

  • Immediate forwarding= If the number stored for this line is dialled, the call is immediately forwarded to the target number.
  • If busy = If a call is already being made to this number, the call will be forwarded to the target number.
  • If Offline= When the device is offline, the call will be forwarded to the target number.
  • If no answer= Should you not answer the call, then the call will be transferred to the destination number.


Role examples

For example, if a call should go straight to voicemail, the role would look like this.

Should the call be given to a group if I don’t answer, you would fill in the following role.

Record message

You can call up the answering machine functions with *1 via an APP, softphone or VoIP phone.

  • 0 – For voicemail options
  • 1 – For the absence message
  • 2 – For the busy message
  • 3 – For your name
  • 4 – For your greeting