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User Guide

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  • The account in which the SIP line of the user is part of has the peoplefone CONNECTOR enabled and setup
  • The user has either Firefox or Chrome browser installed. The limitation is due to the usage of two features required by peoplefone CONNECTOR: a) the notification and b) the “service worker” (that is a way to have an application inside the browser, not just a page. It is required to receive push notification from the peoplefone CONNECTOR server)
  • The Internet connection is working

First usage

  • The peoplefone CONNECTOR settings page should appear, if not click on the small wheel on the top right corner
  • Enter your PIN code, this code can be found on the peoplefone user interface on the peoplefone CONNECTOR section
  • Setup other parameters as you need
  • Save the settings
  • The peoplefone CONNECTOR should change state to “online” and you are ready to go

Further usage

After that setup you just have to open your browser and any call with show a notification that will allow you to open the peoplefone CONNECTOR page by clicking on it. You can also just open the peoplefone CONNECTOR page before hand.

Page composition

On the top right corner stands the connection status (online or offline) and the settings button (the small wheel). Tips: when offline, by clicking on the status you can trigger a connection tentative.

Under the peoplefone CONNECTOR logo you have two sections:

  • Active Call
  • Call History

The first is always visible and contains all the calls that are currently active (either you are in communication with the person or they are ringing).

The second can be hidden by changing the settings and you can filter calls in it. It contains all the calls answered or missed since the last refresh of the page. When you refresh the page this data is lost. You can find a persisted call history in your peoplefone customer interface.

For each call (in either the active or history section) you will have the following information:

  • The type of call depicted by an icon: (incoming – answered, ougoing – missed…)
  • A section with the contact:
    • The name of the person as found in your CRM
    • The phone number
    • The date and time of the call
  • From one and up to five cards with the CRM information
    • Logo of the CRM
    • Name of the contact with a link to that entry in the CRM
    • If available: name of the company with a link to that entry in the CRM
    • If setup: one or more button to do action on the CRM (for instance create a call or a ticket in the CRM)


You don’t receive notification

Check if your browser is allowed to send notification, it is an operating system configuration in the notification center.

The page is constantly saying you are offline

  1. If you received a message the PIN is invalid, check your PIN and set the correct value.
  2. Check your Internet connection is working
  3. Refresh the page (click on the double circling arrows)
  4. Close the page and re-open it

If none of the above work you could unregister the service worker from the browser and retry