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Activation of peoplefone CONNECTOR


  • peoplefone HOSTED account

Subscribe to peoplefone CONNECTOR

  • Go to your peoplefone customer portal on Order/Buy → peoplefone CONNECTOR
  • Choose the type of CONNECTOR, the amount of SIP lines which will use peoplefone CONNECTOR and the duration of the subscription
  • Add to cart and proceed to the payment

Regarding type of CONNECTOR, if you want to use peoplefone CONNECTOR API please check the peoplefone CONNECTOR API (REST API) page or contact us for details.

Activate the peoplefone CONNECTOR for your CRM

  • Click on edit icon next to the peoplefone CONNECTOR title

Welcome to the peoplefone integration hub page, click on start button and choose your CRM.

If your CRM is not in the list, please contact us and we will check the integration possibilities.

The following example is for Zendesk but it is similar for all CRM.

  • Click on Connect your Zendesk and fill the required field and save.
    In our example this is testpeoplefone
  • Now you have to link your datasource with peoplefone CONNECTOR
  • Click on the button and fill your CRM login information

The point next to your login must be green.
If it is red you have to check your login and your domain accessibility and rights.

  • Click on next to terminate the activation

Add user

  • Click on edit icon next to the title Users (maximum …)
  • Select the user-s who will use peoplefone CONNECTOR and click on save

Now you can see the PIN code which you will use to connect to peoplefone CONNECTOR.

To configure and use peoplefone CONNECTOR check the user guide page.