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Copy SIP Data

The SIP Data to install your device/PBX (SIP Username and SIP Password) is NOT the Login Data to your Peoplefone account (Login E-Mail and personal Password).

You can find the SIP Data in the Customer Portal:
For peoplefone SIP-TRUNK under: Configuration SIP Lines
For peoplefone HOSTED under: HOSTED Configuration → Users

You can register up to 5 devices per SIP Line.
Please note: To ensure correct operationwe recommend that you only register one device per SIP line.

For all VoIP device/software you need to add at least the SIP data and the registrar.

On the next few pages you will find some operating instructions.
If you can not find your device in the list, you can simply orientate yourself with a different device, seeing as the configuration is often very similar.

Registrar Domains

Depending on which country portal you have registered your account on, you must use the corresponding registrar.
Also check service you signed up for (SIP-TRUNK or HOSTED).

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