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Network and Bandwidth

Router or Firewall parameters for VoIP

If your VoIP-device cannot register or you can only hear/be heard one way, the VoIP can be blocked through a firewall. Please check your router and/or computer and test it by turning off all firewalls. If it works, please open the following ports for the IP addresses of peoplefone.

For security reasons open only Firewall Ports for the specified IP range.

  • IP adresses peoplefone from to
  • UDP/TCP 5060 and TCP 5061 (signalisation) and UDP 8000-60000» (voice)
  • Session Timeout UDP: > 300s
  • ReRegister-Time: 180-300s

Please also check the Router and Firewall post.

Peoplefone App in WiFi does not get incoming calls

You may also need to allow the PUSH service for the Peoplefone App

  • UDP/TCP 4998 (PUSH) from the IP

Provisioning (Auto-configuration)

In order for the provisioning (autoconfiguration) to work properly, the ports TCP 80 and 443 must be open on the firewall. 

For security reasons open the ports only for the given domains resp. IP addresses.

Cisco (old)