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Codecs are as the name suggests used to “encode” and “decode” the audio. This is just the technical term for translating a signal into another format. In this case, we take the analogue audio signal from the microphone and translate it into a digital signal that can be sent over the internet.

Vice versa for the incoming audio.

Both sides negotiate to use one of these codecs to successfully establish a call.
This means, both sides of a call must each support at least one of these codecs.

Supported Codecs

Peoplefone supports calls with the following codecs:

  • G.711a (also called “a-law” or “PCMA” sometimes)
  • G.711u (also called “u-law” or “PCMU” sometimes)
  • G.722
  • G.729a

G.711a/u are the most commonly used codecs and have a quality on par with regular landline calls.
G.711a is commonly used in for Europe/Asia-Pacific regions, while G.711u is more commonly used in the Americas region. While they are similar, they are not interchangeable, so we recommend having both enabled for best compatibility.