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Assigning a number to a SIP Line or User

Phone number assignment to a SIP line or a user

By assigning a phone number, you route the call to a destination object and define the call flow. The call arrives at the number and is routed to a destination you define. You can assign each call number individually. In the customer account on Numbers, click the pen tool to enter the edit mode.

As you can see here, each individual number can be assigned to an object. The call can be assigned as an example to a user, to a group, to a time-dependent routing, etc., depending on your needs.

Displayed phone number

If not all employees want to signal to the outside with the same phone number, then you can define the displayed number individually for your employees. Click on the pull-down menu and select the number.

Cli Open / Clip No Screening

CLI Open can be activated only for a PBX, peoplefone HOSTED users must control the signaling via the display number at the level of the SIP line/user.

What does CLI Open or Clip No Screening mean?

First of all, CLIP stands for “Calling Line Identification Presentation”, i.e. the display of the telephone number for outgoing calls. “No Screening” means “no monitoring”. The compound term “CLIP No Screening” therefore means that no monitoring of the transmitted call number takes place for an outgoing call. This means that it is possible to signal any number in your own number range, as well as “foreign” numbers, when making an external call.

CLI Open From

As an end customer, you can fill out the CLI Open / Clip No Screening form in your customer account under Contracts, sign it and send it back to us at [email protected]. If you are supported by one of our installation partners, please contact him, he can activate the function for you via his authorization.