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Change on my peoplefone account

How to change my address?

In your peoplefone account you can under profile change the your address.
Always remember to save the changes before leaving the page.

How to change the login e-mail / password?

Log in to your account with the login email and the appropriate password. From there, go to Access Rights. Here you can add new users or delete existing ones at any time. After adding a user, he or she will receive an e-mail with which a password can be set. If you have forgotten your password, simply follow the steps in the following instructions: Forgotten password

Can I transfer my account to somebody else?

Yes, you can contact us in writing by completing the document peoplefone Account: Change of Ownership / Transfer Numbers that you will find in your portal under Management → Contratcs.  If you want to transfer your phone number or your account credit, the number/credit will then be deleted from your account and transferred accordingly.

Can I add multiple contacts in the peoplefone account?

Yes, you have the possibility of adding multiple people with different information to the account.
To do so, please follow the following steps: Profil→ Contact and click on Add Contact.

Contacts added here will not have any access rights to the peoplefone account. For more information, please see the page about access rights.