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Payment methods


Load prepaid credits – no contractual obligations

With peoplefone PREPAID you have no contractual bond. You can open a peoplefone account free of charge and upload prepaid credits to your account. The payments are thus prepaid, in advance. Each time you are under a certain credit limit, you will receive a reminder that you can recharge credit. You can set the credit limit under Profile Notifications Settings. Your billing and balance is available online at any time. In your peoplefone account you will find a detailed call history, payment history with receipt and your balance is visible. 

Below you will find all the possible prepaid payment methods. They can vary depending on the country your peoplefone account is registered in. Please log into your peoplefone account → Payments to find which payment methods are possible in your country.

Automatic payment methods take a maximum of 5 minutes. We only accept Swiss credit cards.
Automatic payment methods take a maximum of 5 minutes. We only accept Swiss credit cards.
Automatic payment methods take a maximum of 5 minutes.
Automatic payment methods take a maximum of 5 minutes.
Please use the link in the peoplefone account.
PostFinance E-Finance / Card
Automatic payment methods take a maximum of 5 minutes. You can directly click the yellow postfinance card or postfinance-online.
Please go to the online banking of your bank and enter the reference number, which you find on the online deposit slip.
With the reference number, the referral to your peoplefone account will only take 2-3 working days.

Buy Credit

You can charge credit online anytime on your peoplefone account Payments → Buy Credit. The payment with credit card is automatic and takes a few minutes. Payment via E-banking has to be done manually and will be charged as soon as we get the credit on the peoplefone bank account. This can take 3-4 working days. 

  • Select an amount, and then click Add to Cart
  • Select the payment method, in this example E-Banking, and then click on Continue
  • Invoices which you have to pay through the e-banking of your bank

ATTENTION: Please use the reference number, which is personalized to your account, for your deposit. Standing orders are now also possible.

Credit Notification

You can see your balance at any time online in your peoplefone account. To recharge in time, you can select an amount for the notification under Profile Notifications Settings. If your credit reaches this threshold, you will automatically receive an e-mail with the current balance and with a notification to recharge your credit. You can also disable this feature at any time.

Call costs and histories

In the Call history, the incoming and outgoing calls are displayed for ten days. After this, only the calls made (cost-causing calls) are displayed in the call history. 

You have the possibility to export an Excel list with the calls made, with all costs listed.


Invoice by E-Mail for Business Customers

If your company has telephone costs > CHF 200.- / month, you can also choose the POSTPAID solution with the following premises:

  • Peoplefone business contract with company register statement and 3-month notice period
  • Each month, you will receive an email with the invoice in PDF format and a call history of the past month. Attention: We do not send paper bills
  • The payment period is 20 days. If you are late, you will receive e-mail alerts. After the 3rd reminder, you will be charged CHF 50.- as an overdue fine

Please check our web site for POSTPAID Documents.