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Emergency Call

General Information

To ensure the correct routing of emergency numbers, a verified address must be stored in the system. The addresses are verified using Swiss Post’s Swiss Roads Directory. Foreign numbers are assigned to a Swiss address by default, but are not taken into account in emergency routing.

ATTENTION: Emergency numbers can only be guaranteed within the respective country.

CH Account → Emergency call Switzerland
DE Account → Emergency call Germany
AT Account → Emergency call Austria
FR Account → Emergency call France

What do you have to do?

  • Create a contact for each location (where is the contact, location, person physically)
  • Assign contact to the SIP line or the peoplefone HOSTED user (emergency call outbound routing)
  • Store contact in the number block (identification of the location for the SIP line and peoplefone HOSTED user / display for the emergency call center

Contacts – Locations

If you own several locations, then you have the possibility of appointing a contact for each location:

Profile → Addresses / Contacts

  • Click Add Address and Contact
  • Enter the details accordingly and save the information

Emergency Call SIP  SIP Line / TRUNK

If you have a SIP line or a trunk, then you have to provide the correct contact for the respective location for the emergency number routing to work properly.

Configuration→ SIP Lines / Users → Edit address

  • Click on the pencil tool
  • Select an address

Identification of the location for the telephone numbers

ATTENTION: In order for the emergency calls to be identified at the emergency call centre, the emergency call contact must be stored at the call number level.

Configuration→ Numbers → Edit

  • Define the contact for the identification of the emergency number