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Emergency Call

General Information

To ensure the correct routing of emergency numbers, a verified address must be stored in the system. The addresses are verified using Swiss Post’s Swiss Roads Directory. Foreign numbers are assigned to a Swiss address by default, but are not taken into account in emergency routing.

You must do the following to ensure that the right address is stored in case of an Emergency:

  • Create a contact for each location (where is the contact, location, person physically)
  • Assign contact to the SIP line or the peoplefone HOSTED user (emergency call outbound routing)
  • Store contact in the number block (identification of the location for the SIP line and peoplefone HOSTED user / display for the emergency call center) 

ATTENTION: Emergency routing can only be ensured within the respective country!

Contacts – Locations

If you own several locations, then you have the possibility of appointing a contact for each location:

Customer account → Profile → Addresses / Contacts

  • Click Add Contact
  • Enter the details accordingly and save the information

Emergency Call SIP  Line / SIP Trunk

If you have a SIP line or a trunk, then you have to provide the correct contact for the respective location for the emergency number routing to work properly.

Customer account → SIP lines → Location of the SIP line’s user

  • Click on the pencil tool
  • Select the contact from which the emergency calls are made via this SIP line / SIP trunk.

Emergency call peoplefone HOSTED

If you are a peoplefone HOSTED customer then you must provide an emergency contact for the respective location for the emergency routing.

Customer Account → HOSTED Configuration → Users → Settings

  • Click on Settings in the overview of the users
  • Select the contact for the right location.

Identification of the location for the telephone numbers

You must provide the correct contact for identifying the location of SIP line and user.

For peoplefone SIP-TRUNK under: Configuration → SIP Lines → Assign Phone Numbers → Number Block Edit
For peoplefone HOSTED under:  HOSTED Configuration → Assign Phone Numbers → Number Block Edit 

ATTENTION: Important for the identification of emergency calls

  • Define the contact for the identification of the emergency number