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Reject incoming calls marked as call center

Log into your customer portal Additional offers Incoming blocklist. You have the option of blocking incoming calls that have been marked as “Call Center” by Swisscom Directories. You can also block individual numbers or area codes.

Add roles

The incoming blocklist can be defined for the entire account, a specific SIP line or a specific phone number. After specifying the choice of the level to blocked, you can block either a phone number, a prefix or all anonymous incoming calls.
After doing this you can decide wether the caller hears the message “Number not allowed”, “Number not available” or just a busy tone.

Attention: The amount of rules is limited, you can have a maximum of 200 entries in the system.

You can customise the incoming blocklist under Additionals offers in your customer portal according to your needs.

Click on +Add to add rules.

Choose the level to be blocked

  • Whole account = The rule applies to the entire account.
  • SIP line = You can assign a rule to a specific SIP line.
  • Peoplefone number = You are able to block a specific number.

Then you choose the Blocklist Type.

  • Exact Number = You can block an exact number.
  • Prefix = Here you can choose an area code, for example: 044, 091, 079 etc. or part of a number, such as 079 339 90 XX.
  • Anonymous = All anonymous incoming calls will be blocked.

Finally, you choose the response the caller will receive.

  • Busy = The caller hears the busy tone.
  • Number not available = The caller hears the message that the number is not available.