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The incoming blocklist can be defined for the entire account, a specific SIP line or a specific phone number. After specifying the choice of the level to blocked, you can block either a phone number, a prefix or all anonymous incoming calls.
After doing this you can decide wether the caller hears the message “Number not allowed”, “Number not available” or just a busy tone.

Attention: The amount of rules is limited, you can have a maximum of 200 entries in the system.

You can customise the incoming blocklist under Functions in your Peoplefone account according to your needs.

Click on +Add to add rules.

Choose the level to be blocked

  • Whole account = The rule applies to the entire account.
  • SIP line = You can assign a rule to a specific SIP line.
  • Peoplefone number = You are able to block a specific number.

Then you choose the Blocklist Type.

  • Exact Number = You can block an exact number.
  • Prefix = Here you can choose an area code, for example: 044, 091, 079 etc. or part of a number, such as 079 339 90 XX.
  • Anonymous = All anonymous incoming calls will be blocked.

Finally, you choose the response the caller will receive.

  • Busy = The caller hears the busy tone.
  • Number not available = The caller hears the message that the number is not available.